Practical Handbook for Teachers
Some Notes of Experience about Teaching

by James B. Stenson


This handbook is a compilation of convictions and bits of advice about teaching, all drawn from my 30+ years of experience as a teacher and school administrator. I have drawn it up to help teachers, and especially beginning teachers, to do what all professionals need to do from time to time—namely, reflect more deeply about their professional responsibilities and learn from the experience of others.

The handbook does not pretend to be exhaustive or definitive. It touches briefly on some important matters in teaching: principles and ideals; class leadership and direction; disciplinary matters; homework, tests, and grading; and relations with parents. Each of these sections, and many others left undiscussed, could have been expanded with countless other topics, details, and experiences.

It is my hope that this handbook can be put to use most effectively by groups of teachers meeting in discussion sessions (for instance, in faculty workshops), where experienced instructors can use the notes as a framework for expressing their own opinions, experiences, and reservations or qualifications on each point under discussion. Newer teachers can thus learn a lot, not only from the notes here but also from what more experienced professionals have to say about them. A discussion like this ought to generate the sort of anecdotes, concrete experiences, and pointed bits of advice that younger teachers find so helpful and encouraging at the start of their careers.

Teaching: Professional Ideals & Principles

Class Leadership & Direction

Discipline, Correction & Punishment

Homework, Tests & Grading

Relations with Parents

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