Table Manners for the Home

by James B. Stenson

Background Considerations

Parents should make a conscientious and sustained effort to teach their children good table manners. If children are led to practice etiquette at home--by the parents' example and their own repeated practice--they will internalize these details of civilized behavior to form lifelong virtuous habit. Good table manners, like other forms of etiquette, lead the children to exercise personal restraint (the virtue of temperance) and respect for the sensibilities of those around them. Moreover, living good manners at home underscores that family meals are a special, even sacred time together--where we call down God's blessings on the family and treat each other with cordial respect.

Parents should realize, too, that later in life their children's habitual good manners will bring honor to the family and enhance their children's social and professional lives. Thus parents' sustained effort to impart good table manners is really an important investment.

Details of Good Table Manners

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